Bengaluru Aquarium – Part 2

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Bengaluru Aquarium – Part 1

Photos of Fish and Fish Tanks in Bangalore Aquarium, Karnataka, India

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Search For Aliens – From Your Personal Computer!

Have you ever wondered how to find aliens or how to search for extraterrestrials? I am going to show you one way of finding aliens! We all have at least one Laptop or Desktop personal computer and most of us don’t use it for 24 hours. We can make use of this idle computer, to do some social contribution or help in scientific research. You just have to contribute your computer’s idle time and its computing power as a volunteer. This article covers how to contribute this idle computing power for the research of finding Aliens! List of other scientific causes where you can contribute in this same way, are listed at the end of this article.

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Why Emacs?

This is my answer to “Why Emacs?” question. I am not against any type of tool. Text Editor and/or IDE is just a tool. No tool is perfect and no single tool can be used for all problems and requirements. Each tool has its own place, merits and demerits. I do not lock myself to any philosophy or platform. I always keep an open mind towards tools so that I will be flexible in choosing the right tool to solve a given problem.

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Jolla Sailfish Mobile Phone and OS Review

Review of Jolla Sailfish Phone and OS – Intex Aqua Fish India

Approximately one year ago, I started using Jolla Sailfish Mobile Phone after my not so great previous endeavour with Firefox OS. Thankfully Jolla Sailfish Phone indeed improved my confidence about alternate Mobile Phone Operating Systems. Experience of using a device with Gesture based user input is sleek and refreshing.

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